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Made In-House

EVERYTHING with embroidery is embroidered in-house. From patches and berets to bucket hats and t-shirts, you are paying for an item that has been embroidered by someone on our team's own two hands! Our price points reflect the hours upon hours we spend embroidering everything and receiving a proper living wage.

To reduce waste, we recycle all of our fabric scraps from apparel like crop tops. Every time an item gets embroidered improperly or accidentally ripped, it is put into a seconds sale where it can find a loving home.

We are very conscious of the impact certain synthetic/man-made materials have on the planet, and try very hard to only use natural ones. For example, 100% cotton (shirts, sweatshirts, bucket hats, blankets, cardigans, bags) and wool (berets). Currently, the only polyester we use is for bag straps on some older styles. Patches are embroidered with rayon thread on felt made from recycled water bottles.

handmade berets

Let’s talk about our handmade berets! The wool itself is a raw material, 100% pure, biodegradable wool from sheep sheared in New Zealand. NZ is the world’s most recognized source of high-grade wool, and only certifiably cruelty-free suppliers with sustainable production that can be monitored are used for the felt. Many dyeing practices can be toxic to the environment. Thankfully, only eco-friendly dyes that meet the guidelines of the EU, and aren’t banned AZO amines (harmful synthetic dyes) are used.

Not only is this wool felt premium quality and eco-friendly, but it is hand felted by Nepalese women; providing them with skills, training, fair wages, and a safe work environment. The company also has certification from GoodWeave, an international organization that ensures that NO forced, bonded, or child labor is used in production. GoodWeave does annual audits to make sure no discrimination is practiced, decent working conditions are respected, including workplace safety and health, wages, working hours, and disciplinary practices, and negative environmental impacts of production are identified and minimized.

After this whole process, the lovely wool felt is then embroidered, sewn together, and needle felted with matching roving, all in-house by our tiny team, making for a completely unique and sustainable purchase!


goals for the future

Although a few of our apparel types may be produced in China, please keep in mind that I have close relationships with these suppliers and have seen many photographs of all of their working environments. I would also like to assure you that they are all paid fairly and compensated for their wonderful skills.


As time goes on, I would like to switch over to more blank apparel production taking place in the US. I have tried numerous times to contact garment companies in the US, but as an extremely small business, it’s very daunting! Ethical fashion enthusiasts likely know that only about 2% of all clothing is made here! Not to mention, 85% of garment factories in the US have been found to have labor violations. Reputable companies are few and far between and can seem out of reach for small brands like us. Due to this, we are beginning to make things on our own using a slow fashion and preorder method! These will be slow fashion garments made in-house, such as skirts, capes, dresses, and other outfit sets with berets. We have many items sketched out and we are producing them as we speak!

Some of my biggest inspirations are brands like Big Bud Press, Lucy & Yak, and Tuesday of California. I aspire to be on their levels and I hope you all can give us some time to improve and get where we want to be!


We have recently switched to ALL EcoEnclose brand poly mailers, which are 100% recycled, recyclable, and reusable. We do not use any plastics, packing peanuts, styrofoam, or other wasteful packing materials. As we mainly ship soft apparel items, we only use tissue paper, when necessary. All business/thank you/instruction cards are printed on recycled paper. For our new handmade berets, we use custom EcoEnclose kraft boxes, made of 100% recycled content, 95% of which is post-consumer waste. They are recyclable and biodegradable. Even our packing tape is made from paper and water-activated!

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